Marla Lewis



"Homeownership establishes the base from which families and communities flourish. While personal achievement motivates, helping others reach their dreams is what fulfills me. That's why I love real estate so much." ~ Marla

PHONE: (832) 868-6091 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: Marla@EntourageRealtors.com

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Vanita Cooper



"I consider Houston and the surrounding areas an excellent place to reside. Let me share with you my zeal for the many neighborhoods that encompass it. I provide genuine customer service and look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you. When you are an informed buyer or seller, you will make the best decisions for the most important purchase or sell in your lifetime." ~ Vanita

PHONE: (310) 213-6799 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: Vanita@EntourageRealtors.com

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Vanita Cooper



"Whether you are buying or selling in the Metroplex,I understand this is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. As your agent, you can expect a dedicated professional who makes the buying experience a fun and pleasurable one. " ~ Keri

PHONE: (832) 455-4556 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: Keri@EntourageRealtors.com

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Glen Reaves



"Frankly, my first time buying a home was a nightmare, and it's why I became an agent.  My priority is to ensure my client's experience purchasing their home is a great one." ~ La Torya

PHONE: (832) 449-8575 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: LaTorya@EntourageRealtors.com

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Vanita Cooper



I recently joined Entourage Real Estate, LLC , which is known throughout the Houston area for integrity and real estate expertise. To launch my career as a REALTOR®, I would like to invite you to share in my success and allow me the privilege of doing all I can do to meet your real estate needs. Whether as a buyer, seller, or investor, you can count on my services and the expertise of a firm that is equipped and ready to assist.

PHONE: (832) 541-2004 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: Simila@EntourageRealtors.com

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Vanita Cooper



We hire only the best here at Entourage Real Estate, LLC, and that's why we selected Kimberly Carter to join us.  She is an exceptionally talented, highly personable individual who can ably meet the high standards we set for our REALTORS®  The next time you need the assistance of a top real estate professional, we hope you will give Kimberly Carter a call. 

You'll find she will provide you with the highest quality service.

PHONE: (832) 341-5854 | FAX: (832) 487-1715 | EMAIL: Kimberly@EntourageRealtors.com

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